LAST ONE!! Frankisum EP - 12" Original 2007 Pressing

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LAST ONE!! Frankisum EP - 12" Original 2007 Pressing

I only had 12 copies to sell and now just have 10 that are available here.
**Update 1 left!**
There of course will never be a re-print. These are the last in existence from my personal collection that I am willing to part with.
The original 2007 release only came in a paper inner sleeve. To make this release a bit more substantial, I invested in high quality, anti-static, acid free etc, protective sleeves for each copy; please see the specs below:
• ARCHIVAL QUALITY premium anti-static round bottom inner sleeve, the industry-leading design, is thicker than standard record sleeves, providing the durability and protective longevity required by record inner sleeve and vinyl record storage best practices
• ACID FREE construction ensures no risk of vinyl deterioration or label discoloration over time, safely preserving your most prized vinyl records –this is the proper way to store your pain-stakingly-built vinyl record collection
• ANTI STATIC to ensure your records reject static electricity that can damage vinyl by attracting harmful dust and dirt
• PERFECT FIT inner sleeves are optimally designed to fit a single 12" record, there is no excess paper at the top of the sleeve after inserting the record

The protective sleeve is then placed into the original paper sleeve. That paper sleeve is then inserted into final new addition of a custom black outer slipcase. Each case has been numbered, titled and SIGNED by yours truly.

Each record will be shipped in vinyl specific packaging.
Thanks as always for your support.