Frankmusik - Completed CD

$35.00 - $45.00
Frankmusik - Completed  CD

Completed FULL ALBUM

One good news and one bad news:
Good news - everyone is now able to pay in USD instead of the higher GBP
Bad news - CD production costs have increased globally, so it's still comes out to about the same price as before for this release, but, due to the currency change, all other releases on the site are reduced.

Thank you as always for your support!

14 Track Album:
1: In Step Completed
2: Better Off As 2 Completed
3: Gotta Boyfriend? Completed
4: Confusion Girl Completed
5: Your Boy Completed
6: When You're Around Completed
7: 3 Little Words Completed
8: Wonder Woman Completed
9: Complete Me Completed
10: Vacant Heart Completed
11: Time Will Tell Completed
12. Done Done Completed
13. Run Away From Trouble Completed
14. Made Her Smile Completed